Distributor and supplier of accurate, efficient and reliable industrial and environmental measurement instruments

USB, Wifi, Bluetooth enabled accurate, efficient, reliable, NIST traceable dataloggers for temperature/relative humidity, wind speed and wind direction, rainfall, solar radiation, water level, water quality, soil moisture. Weather stations for agricultural research, environmental research, water quality, level and flow monitoring for hydrology studies and coastal ecology.

Elfin helps it's clients to save time and money by providing them accurate, efficient and reliable products to keep their facilities up and running. Whether it is a measurement instrument or environment monitoring data logger for temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, CO2, indoor air quality, soil moisture, soil temperature, leaf wetness, water quality, water level and flow; we have wide range of products and solutions for almost every applications.

Leveraging USB, Wifi, BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) connection technology, HOBO stand alone or web enabled weather stations are broadly used in agricultural research, life sciences and health care, environmental research, indoor air quality monitoring, water monitoring for water quality, hydrology studies, coastal ecology.

Cleamix is a revolutionary decontamination device, built on a new innovation for H2O2 vaporisation. It's extremely efficient for decontamination of known viruses, bacteria and chemical warfare agents. Output efficiency is 80% better compared to other devices on the market.

We are the authorized distributor for Onset InTempĀ® data logger for use in pharmaceuticals, life sciences, clinics, hospitals, food processing plants. Complex job of cold chain monitoring, data acquisition and real time reporting, alarm notification is available in web using InTemp cloud hosted platform using CX gateway. Recorded data can be viewed using InTemp mobile app also.

Our clients are different businesses and institutions. While each client has a unique facility to operate and a different problem to solve, our clients all share the same requirement: when they need one of the products, they often need it right away.

We work closely with clients to better understand their challenges and provide cost-saving solutions. To ensure highly accurate, efficient and reliable industrial and environmental measurement instruments, we have partnership with numerous renowned manufacturers like Onset, Cleamix, ICE Group.

ICE NP900 series relays

NP900 Digital Multifunction Protection Relay

ELFIN is the local distributor of ICE electrical digital multifunction relays those are high speed and reliable for protection and automation of motor, generator, transformer, feeder and basbar. 

NP900 digital multifunction protection relay launched with new range of functionalities. As a significant improvement over its NP800 series of relays, ICE has introduced the NP900 series. NP900 is designed for the protection of all types of generation, transmission, distribution and railway networks.

This new range includes many advanced features such as IEC 61850 communication protocol as standard, a large graphical display, wider measurement ranges and fully customizable logic functions.


Mechanical SealMechanical Spare Parts

Heavy duty rotating equipment requires air filtration, noise reduction, cooling and exhaust systems to run for extended periods and meet environmental regulations. Air filters to remove particulates from gas turbines. We supply air filters virtually for every size of gas turbines in all operating environments. Superb quality mechanical seals, glands, encapsulated o rings - with almost infinite range of products and material combinations are within our opportunity.


Descaling Chemicals and Coolants

Environment friendly cleaning solutions for descaling heavy build up deposits, viscosine for oil bathe cooler, cooling lubricants for superior performance and major cost saving - are also our regular part of business.