Web Enabled Weather Station Data Logger

Web enabled wireless weather stations are used to monitor weather condition remotely by using cellular data, Wi-Fi and Ethernet

The new web-enabled HOBO® MicroRX station is an easy-to-deploy, low-cost cellular field monitoring solution. With a compact size and rugged design, the MicroRX Station offers long-term, reliable environmental monitoring. Configurable station-side alarms provide immediate notification of critical conditions, and Onset’s cloud-based HOBOlink® platform makes it easy to view, access, and share your data.

Highlighted Features

Optional integrated solar panel for easy deployment
Battery-powered option for covered or shaded deployment locations
Wide range of research-grade plug-and-play sensors
Add up to 50 wireless sensors for micro-climate monitoring
Optional water level sensor input, and water flow conversion
Text message alerts for user-configured conditions such as low temperatures
Station-side alarms include new accumulated rainfall alarm
Real-time monitoring with up to 10-minute connection rates via 4G cellular

In what environment does this data logger operate?

This data logger operates in outdoor environments.