Environment Condition Monitoring USB, Wifi, BLE Data Loggers, Weather Stations, Sensors and Probes. Electrical safety and protection relays.

Highly accurate, reliable and affordable dataloggers for life sciences and health care, indoor air quality monitoring, agricultural research, environmental research, water monitoring for water quality, hydrology studies and coastal ecology.

Elfin proudly represents Onset HOBO® and InTemp® data logger and sensors for environment condition monitoring, cloud based data storing solution, and regulatory compliant software solution for demanding process applications in pharmaceuticals, life sciences, food and beverages.
Continuous monitoring system data loggers monitor several parameters: temperature, relative humidity, pressure, dew point, CO2. Monitoring system data loggers with and without probe, have flexible wireless connectivity options: BLE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Cellular. Measurements of InTemp® data loggers are traceable to SI units through national institutes or ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratories.
Automation and industrial multifunction electrical protection relays for safety from ICE Group are within our portfolio. We are also affiliated local partner of  ICE Group for industrial protection relays for generation, transmission and distribution network. We also deal with Pliotron air filter for diesel engine.